week 11 | time. sequence


I found designing a dynamic time-based piece fundamentally different from designing something more static, like a book cover in the way where I think you have to work a bit harder in setting the mood of the overall piece. The background and the font, and when fonts appear and the transitions all have an important role on their own, and when done correctly they should work in a way that is balanced. For me at first it was a bit frustrating because I haven’t used powerpoint in a long time and trying to play around with the settings was a bit challenging but then it did get exciting when all the transitions, and everything came together. My thinking process did change from when I first start brainstorming, to the pictures that ended up using for the final project, and the type of text I wanted to use. For example, I used a typewriter transition for my font and I felt that if I used a typewriter font as well that it would come together and look good, but after using it, i felt that the typewriter font was a bit too cliche and too cartoony. I ended up going with a simpler font, Avenir condensed. The design “moves” I can make in time-based work and those that can’t be done in static medium would definitely be the use of transitions.

When I first read the flash fiction that was given to me, it gave me a haunting/vacant vibe and thats is why I wanted to go with a black and white color scheme. Additionally, I think that the typewriter effect on the text adds to that trilling / vacant vibe of the flash fiction, which is why I went with a slower version of that. In addition, I think that the font that I ended up going with allowed for the mood overall to not feel too old-timey, but modern as well. My favorite slide would have to be the last one, because to me its the most haunting, and the choice of her disappearing adds a nice effect, something that would not be able to be achieved through static medium.

These are the links to the images that I used:




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